G# Framework

The G# Framework is a free award winning add-on toolkit for LabVIEW that adds reference based object-oriented support. It takes advantage of the new data value reference structure in LabVIEW 2009 together with the native classes and will add a full object-oriented support with excellent performance. This is the new generation of object-oriented support that makes LabVIEW as powerful as any object-oriented language. There also exists a StarUML plug-in to the G# Framework.

The G# Framework is a National Instrument Compatible with LabVIEW Gold product and has been awarded ”LabVIEW Add-On of the Year for Community at NI Week 2011”.

G# is a registered trademark of AddQ Consulting.

What is Unique About G#?

An object-oriented language must fulfill the fundamental requirements: abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism. The G# framework has taken a lot of inspiration from C# and Java and therefore has the following additional requirements:

  • A common root object for all classes, called G#Object.
  • Garbage Collector, objects don’t need to be destroyed explicitly.
  • Interface support, instead of supporting multiple inheritance.
  • Abstract methods and abstract classes.
  • Use native LabVIEW objects in combination with the new data value reference in LV2009.
  • Include support to keep objects alive and avoid LabVIEW Garbage collection.
  • Support for static classes and class attributes.
  • Named objects with user counter.
  • Serialization of objects.
  • G# events that can be traced.
  • Desktop Trace Execution Toolkit events support.
  • Powerful debugger option with possibility to probe attributes, log events and also offer an active debug possibility.
  • Support for Dependency Injection – dynamic plug-in of sub classes
  • Property Definition support for LabVIEW 2010

G# Framework 1.4.5

Toolkit Contents

G# – This is the actual LabVIEW code that implements the reference based object-oriented support to LabVIEW. This code is open source code per the terms of BSD-license.


  • G#Object – the root object that all classes inherits from.
  • G#Interface – the root interface that all interfaces inherit from.
  • G#Templates – class templates that are copied to create new classes.

G# Debugger – a powerful object debugger tool, used for tracing and debugging objects when executing the code. This code is open source code per the terms of BSD-license.

G# IDE (Integrated Development Environment) – a plug-in to the LabVIEW Project Environment and makes it easy to create and maintain the G# code. The IDE is not open source and copyright by AddQ Consulting. The G# IDE is not necessary when executing the code.

For more information, please visit the G# Online Manual.


The G# Framework is free and requires no license. You may install the G# IDE with as many users and computers as you like.

G# Brochure (pdf)

Supported LabVIEW Versions
LabVIEW 2009 Full Development or higher

Supported Operating Systems
Windows XP/Vista/7/Server 2003 R2 (32bit)/Server 2008 R2(64 bit)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS 4 or later
openSUSE 10.3 or later
Note: G# Framework will probably work on all LabVIEW supported platforms, but is not tested.

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As a good UML design tool we recommend the free, open source tool StarUML together with the free G# StarUML Plug-in extension.


For support issues, please contact: support@addq.se.

Our policy is to respond within one working day.
We do not support issues regarding object-oriented design, but we can of course offer this as consultant services. For additional information about the services we offer, please contact sales@addq.se or call us at +46 (0)8 501 108 90.

Please join the G# community group for more information, discussions and ideas at: http://decibel.ni.com/content/groups/gsharp

The Compatible with LabVIEW logo is a trademark of National Instruments Corporation and is used under a license from National Instruments Corporation.

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