Introduction to CQA – principles for quality control in complexity.


We are migrating towards complexity in how software is built and maintained. We need to develop multiple tools and techniques to help us stay in business and be competitive. This makes it hard to find the balance between quality and innovation, structure and chaos.

Short description of CQA

Continuous Quality Assurance embraces uncertainty and does not try to describe simple linear models for taking control. Instead it postulates principles and practices to function efficiently in a complex context. Same ideas that have been promoted a long time ago within Lean but with additional focus how to incorporate what we have learned from how test have evolved in modern time. IT IS TIME TO TAKE A STEP forward and bring it all together. Today working with quality assurance, it is necessary to build quality into the DNA of software development.

We introduce Continuous Quality Assurance CQA™, to support companies to more efficiently put all knowledge together and increase structured efficiency.